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a harebrained scheme, police sayara approached a frie steve toboggan, who ran this furniture and appliance store, and asked him to figure out a way to have gentz killed inside the county jail. tom berry, the ex-detroit cop, said bashara told the appliance salesman the hit would be worth $20,000 to him. >> gentz is locked away. he's in a cell. and this hit man who isn't a hit man is going to do him how? >> the hit man is going to get a guy that's in jail with gentz to put crushed glass into his food. gentz is going to eat it in the hopes that his colon gets perforated and he dies. >> sought businessman never considers this for a second? >> never for a second. he's not going to do it. >> reporter: the appliance salesman immediately notified the detroit cops. the retailer agreed to wear a wire when he met with bashara again to supposedly finalize terms. >> i mean, bob bashara was not offering this guy a million dollars to take joe gentz out. bob bashara was going to people who he thought would be easy targets, maybe easily manipulated, like joe gentz was, to try to seal the deal. >> reporter: inste
this week. we're going to talk to him in just a moment. but first i want to turn to democratic senator steve beshear, republican governor john kasich in neighboring ohio. i wanted to take this out of washington because in kentucky you set up your own health care exchange. in ohio, governor kasich, you declined to do so until the fedego
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2